Kastellet, Copenhagen

The construction of this extraordinary fortress, built in the shape of a five-pointed star, started in 1626.  It is one of the best preserved fortresses of its type.  Although it is still used by the military, it also serves as a beautiful and interesting public park.  Images include: the moat and rampart; the windmill; the Rows; and St. Albans Church.



Botanisk Have, Copenhagen

Located right in the heart of Copenhagen, this botanical garden is a great place to walk when you’ve had enough of the shops and the crowds.  It has an impressive array of plants, trees, water features, wildlife and buildings.  If you take the paths that lead you up to the top of some features – you can just see the city buildings poking out behind the trees.


This 17th century tower is quite extraordinary.  It was originally built as an astronomical observatory and it has an equestrian staircase – yes, a staircase for horses!  The circular staircase has no steps, it is a gradual slope of bricks that will take you (and your horse) from the top to the bottom.  I’m not sure they allow horses in these days – but a walk to the top gives you fantastic views over Copenhagen.

Copenhagen – structures & statues

Copenhagen is full of interesting historical statues and buildings and some fabulous modern architecture.  This group includes: the statue of Frederick V in the  Amalienborg Palace Square; the Marble Church; the roof top statue of Mercury; some of the spires from Tivoli Gardens; and the Henning Larsen designed Opera House.

Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

Originally built in 1606 as a summerhouse – some summerhouse! It now houses the Danish Crown Jewels and is guarded by the Royal Life Guards.  Each day there is a changing of the guard between  Rosenborg Castle and Amalienborg Palace.  The guards leave Rosenborg at 11.30am and march to Amalienborg for the ceremony at 12noon. The Rosenborg garden is the oldest Royal Garden in Denmark.

SMK, Copenhagen

We loved visiting the Statens Museum for Kunst (or SMK), the National Gallery of Denmark.  It is a beautifully organised gallery with items well spaced and some great permanent exhibitions of European art.  There is also a fabulous Hogarth exhibition at the moment.  Works by all the major European artists are on display. This small collection includes items by: Matisse; Derain; Metzinger; and Leger, amongst others.