Haacke’s Gift Horse

The Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square changes from time to time and often presents interesting artwork.  The Gift Horse by Hans Haacke is a beautifully constructed skeletal horse with an active ticker of latest London stock prices.  It is supposed to lead people to ask whether the ‘invisible hand’ of the market really brings benefits to society.

Haacke's Gift Horse


The Wasp – extraordinary drama!

We went to see The Wasp by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm – starring Myanna Buring and Laura Donnelly.  Both actresses gave exceptional performances as damaged human beings. Myanna – brash, funny, aggressive, vulnerable.  Laura – posh, patronising, devious, controlling.  The play has some great twists and turns and, in this tiny studio theatre, it is like having a front seat on a rollercoaster of emotions.  One of the best pieces of theatre we have seen in a long time.