We stayed one night in Bucharest ahead of a much longer holiday in Romania.  These images include: the Romanian Athenaeum; the Museo Nationale George Enescu; and the Kretzulescu Church.



Lisbon feels and looks like a city being rebuilt.  Buildings, roads, monuments and more are being reconstructed, repaired or replaced.  I had to work hard to find images that did not contain cranes, diggers or scaffolding…. These shots include: the Elavador de Santa Justa; the Praco do Comercio (with a crane in the background); Santa Engracia church; and even a beautiful piece of Lalique jewellery from the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian.

Kastellet, Copenhagen

The construction of this extraordinary fortress, built in the shape of a five-pointed star, started in 1626.  It is one of the best preserved fortresses of its type.  Although it is still used by the military, it also serves as a beautiful and interesting public park.  Images include: the moat and rampart; the windmill; the Rows; and St. Albans Church.