Westonbirt Fungi

I know very little about fungi but – I am fascinated when I see some interesting examples.  These are all from my latest walk around the National Arboretum at Westonbirt.  They include: an inkcap, possibly a Magpie Inkcap; a Southern Bracket or similar; and other species that I have no clue about.


Any help with identification will be greatly appreciated…


Camellia ‘Albert Einstein’

As I was walking round Westonbirt the other day, I saw a camellia that appeared to have a winter sprouting of Albert Einstein style hair.  On closer inspection I found that it was a Camellia Williamsii ‘Donation’.  This will have bright pink flowers by late winter but is spending early winter doing an impression of a great scientist!


Prep4Enchanted Xmas, Westonbirt

Enchanted Christmas starts tomorrow at Westonbirt Arboretum and there is a mass of activity preparing stalls, marquees, decorations and thousands of lights.  It’s going to be spectacular but….don’t turn up unless you have bought a ticket in advance. Until it gets dark, it is hard to imagine how extraordinary this event is.  However, if you want an idea of just how spectacular it can be  – look at a selection of my pics from last year.  Enchanted Xmas 2015